The Second Golden Age of Star Trek!

With so much going on in my head lately I’ve been using this time to really focus on things I love as a way of helping me. It was VERY hard at the beginning but over time it does help. I still struggle a lot but this is one thing that can help. Its also another reason why I write this blog!


There is a lot going on in the world. There are lots of nice positive things taking place but quite often they are overshadowed by all the horrible stuff going on such as wars, violence, hatred, bigotry and so on. This is something that has always added to my problems.

The other day I was chatting with someone on Twitter. We were discussing the toxic fanbase that infests both Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms and also encroaches on others. It suddenly occurred to both of us that we as Trek fans are lucky enough to be living in the Second Great Age of Star Trek when it comes to TV and Film.

Let me clarify what we mean.

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s we had one show. Then in the mid-70’s The Animated Series arrived. For a while we had two iterations of Trek- the problem was that they were not on all the time and in some places (UK I’m looking at you) they were shown out of order or, as with some episodes, not shown at all.


Star Trek Phase II was supposed to be made but that failed.

Then in ’79 we had the first movie. Back in those days it took forever to be available for home VHS/Betamax systems so we were still limited to what was broadcast. It was during the 80’s that lots of fans believe the First Golden Age of Star Trek began and it carried on until the early 2000’s. We had more movies from the original cast, we had TNG which was then followed by DS9 and then Voyager. The TNG cast then began making movies and then came Enterprise. Then in 2005 everything went quiet when it came to new material.


Luckily though in the late 80s TOS was slowly released on VHS which was then followed by TNG, DS9 and so on. This was then superceded by DVD.

This helped Trekkies get through a dry patch until the first of the new ‘Kelvin Timeline’ movies came out in 2009. They were not everyone’s cup of tea but it was still Trek.

giphy (1)

I think it was around 2015 that rumours began of a new show. Star Trek Beyond came out in 2016 and many thought that that was it. Then in 2017 Star Trek: Discovery launched.

It was very different to any of its predecessors and was the second show to be set in the period before TOS.

giphy (2)

Many “fans” believe that Discovery and, more recently, Picard was the cause in the fandom split- to be honest they are wrong. When TNG came out there was lots of unnecessary hatred spewed by these people. Then the same happened with DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. When the Kelvin films were released it happened again. The onset of the internet and then social media gave voices to these hateful fans.

Now I’m not saying you can’t dislike any Trek. You can- you can choose to just be a DS9 fan or a Kelvin fan and that is OK.

What’s not OK is attacking both fans and actors/creators from the shows because you don’t like or agree with what they have created.

What’s not OK is telling people that a particular show “isn’t Trek”. You don’t get to make that decision.

giphy (4)

So why are we now facing the Second Golden Age of Trek if there is all this hate going around?

Here is why and why I’m hoping that it helps defeat the hate.

As of the end of 2020 we have 10 TV shows either completed, airing or in production if you include Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds. Plus at least 2 more in the pipeline with the Section 31 show and the Nickleodeon show. There is also talk of a movie from one of the newer shows and the Noah Hawley/JJ Abrams one to add to the 13 we already have. We also have 10 ‘Short Treks’ which are amazing!

I’m pretty sure there will be more to come as there is a huge universe of Trek to explore.

There is now so much Trek to choose from that every fan should be happy with something. Trek is available everywhere- in the UK its on at least 2 channels every day, sometimes more. It’s available on a variety of streaming services as well as the usual physical media of DVD/Blu-Ray.

giphy (3)

No one should feel the need to complain, hate or be cruel to anyone when you have this much choice. Serious, civilised discussion is always welcome. That’s all that’s needed.

With all this content available, as well as the novels, comics etc we cannot complain. Don’t spend your life moaning and hating, it will make you bitter and twisted- just watch your favourite Trek and be happy you are living now!

This IS the beginning of the Second Golden Age of Trek and its only going to get better!

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