New pins from Fansets!

I’ve had another great delivery from Fansets who are based in the USA. In case you’ve missed my previous posts about them, they design and sell pins from a variety of franchises including Star Trek.

Fansets have a number of different pin types. They have the micro-crew pins of a variety of characters, micro-fleet pins which cover ships and episode pins. Fansets also produce a number of special pins for different occasion. Every incarnation of Trek is represented with more pins being added all the time.

First up are two pins from the latest show, Star Trek: Picard. The Chateau Picard pin is a beautiful little pin which has the Picard family heraldic coat-of-arms on. According to some of the production cast, it was also used as a combadge for those working the vineyard.

The second pin is the Starfleet HQ Visitors Badge which Picard wears when he visits Admiral ‘Potty-Mouth’ Clancy. Its a silver oval shape with a delta cut-out and the word VISITOR in black. Again, another lovely pin. It would have completed my Picard pin set but they’ve now just released a new Fenris Rangers calling card pin.

Next are two character pins, both of Philippa Georgiou. From Season One of Star Trek Discovery we have Emperor Georgiou from the Mirror-Universe, resplendent in her robes and with her sword at her waist looking most menacing.

The second Georgiou pin is from Season 2 and is of Captain Georgiou in her Section 31 uniform. Same menacing look but all in black witha flowing black cape to match. Both pins capture the essence of Georgiou very well.

The next character pin is from the end of Discovery Season 2 and is of a young Lieutenant Spock in the new Starfleet Uniform, shortly after he reprises his role on the USS Enterprise as a Science Officer.

I have one episode pin in this order and its from Season 2, Episode 12 of Discovery ‘Through the Valley of Shadows’. In this episode Captain Christopher Pike touches a time crystal and learns of his future fate where he ends up badly disfigured and wheelchair bound after he saved some cadets during a training accident. It was a very emotional episode and Anson Mount was breathtaking as Pike. This pin shows future Pike in his wheelchair, the Klingon, Tenavik and some time crystals- its a gorgeous pin and will look great next to the Captain Pike pins I have on the way.

Finally, my last character pin. Anyone who knows me or follows this blog knows I’m a huge Michael Burnham fan (as played by the talented Sonequa Martin-Green). This newly released pin is of Micheal Burnham from Discovery Season 3 which has yet to air.

Once again she is in her Starfleet uniform, but this time has her hair in braids as seen in one of the trailers for Season 3. Its a pretty-good likeness and fits in well with my other Burnham pins. I am hoping that they eventually make one of her in her orange prisoners jumpsuit from Season 1.

I’ll freely admit I am addicted to these pins as are many others I know. They make for great collectables and are very displayable. Something I am working on right now.

If you are a Star Trek collector it would be remiss of you to not have any of these pins for your collection. Its doesn’t matter which version of Trek you like, there is something for all.

Thanks again to Lew and the crew at Fansets for these pins and the cool little Fanset pin too. Next order coming your way soon…..

To see what’s on offer visit but don’t blame me if you spend lots!

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