Post 300! New Trek pins from Fansets!

My latest delivery from Fansets arrived today. This particular order contained a couple of micro-crew pins, a Star Trek: Picard Fenris Rangers Calling Card pin and 3 pins from what is known as the ‘Micro-Fleet’ collection.

Until now I have only focussed on micro-crew pins, episode pins and series logo pins. Upon seeing the micro-fleet pins I was instantly taken aback by them and am hooked on collecting those as well. Not only are they bigger than I expected, the artwork and detailing is amazing. The microfleet pins I purchased were all from Discovery including the USS Discovery, USS Shenzhou and the USS Enterprise. I’m hoping they have a USS Excelsior!

Of the micro-crew pins I received a Christopher Pike in his wheelchair, and a bonus pin of Elnor from Star Trek: Picard which is a brand new release.

I know I post about Fansets a lot but their pins are just amazing and worth collecting. This is my Discovery & Picard collection so far.

Seriously, if you like pins and are a fan of Trek, DC or any of the franchises below then check them out at

Thanks once again to Lew and the crew for a speedy delivery and bonus pin!

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