Star Trek United & Black Lives Matter

Star Trek has always been about inclusivity. Yes, it has struggled at times covering all the various demographics, but at its heart it has always tried to follow the Vulcan concept of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

With all the racial tension around the world over the last few weeks, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained more and more publicity and thousands of angry people (quite rightly so I might add) have protested around the world.

Today, CBS All Access tweeted the following

“Starfleet is a promise. Nobody gets left behind.
For every person who tweets #StarTrekUnitedGives today, $1 will be donated to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Learn more about #StarTrekUnited donations and free Star Trek marathons here: LINK

Many Star Trek actors made videos to accompany this message, urging people to tweet and retweet. $1 may not seem like much but with the size of the Trek fanbase it could work out to be a sizeable, worthy donation.

Please consider tweeting once (or more) using the #startrekunitedgives tag.

Trek would be nothing without the many fine black cast and crew members who put so much into their work.

Trekkies strive for a future where racism is a thing of the past. We are nowhere near that yet and we must do all we can to work towards it, even if it means uncomfortable conversations for those of us with white privilege.


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