The Entertainment Industry & Pandemic ~ Unpopular opinion.

Now this is going to be an unpopular opinion but I need to say it. As much as I love going to the movies and theatre and want to see the latest TV shows I don’t think we are yet ready.

Lockdown has hit everyone hard both physically and mentally. Many people would agree that most governments haven’t done enough or were not quick enough in acting. There are others who would say that the government officials have not been truthful with the numbers- something which I agree with. Having spoken to a number of friends and relatives who work in the medical and healthcare professions I believe the numbers, at least in the UK, are being under-reported to make us feel safer.

I think the restrictions are being lifted too quickly and, especially with the summer coming on, many people will take advantage of the changes and we will see mass gatherings and more which will no doubt cause a rise in infections and then a second spike, probably in the Winter.

All of this of course has had an effect on the entertainment industry as theatres have closed as have cinemas and the majority of TV/Film production has ceased. Its obviously going to have an economic impact, but to me at least a lot of people are valuing money, their own desires for entertainment over human lives.

We are not anywhere near the end of this yet. The majority of West End theatres in London have said that it would not be financially viable to open until the social distancing rules are relaxed as at the moment even 1m would be an issue. They would only be able to sell every other seat.

I would think that it is similar for cinemas but at least the majority of cinemas nowadays have multiple screens and showings so selling every other seat might be more viable. Cineworld has announced it is opening in July. No word yet from any of the other chains such as Odeon or Vue. Personally I still think we are rushing this.

There are still too many people refusing to wear masks stating its their right to do what they want. Yes, there are some that cannot for medical reasons, but others are being plain selfish. They need to remember that they could be asymptomatic, still be a carrier and spread Covid-19 further.

As much as I want normality and to be able to go back to big screen movies, I worry for a number of people:-

I worry for those people who work on the front-line of the theatre and cinema industries. The cinema hosts, the concession counter staff, the lovely lady who makes my nachos just how I like them and so on.

I worry about all those who help produce our favourite films, TV shows, musicals, plays etc.

All of these are potential ways for the virus to spread and affect not only them, but their families, friends and us as the audience.

I want cinemas open but not until they and us are ready. I want film/tv production to begin again with new material but not until we are ready.

Finally, as it seems that both the US and the UK governments are beginning to ignore their science and medical advisors I would suggest doing your own research. There are many independent groups carrying out studies all with a similar message. Slow the F down. Especially when a high majority of those countries where lockdown restrictions have been lifted are now seeing an increase in cases once again.

I want to see the new Black Widow and Wonder Woman films. I want to be able to see the new seasons of Supergirl and Star Trek Discovery when they are due to start but I need to be patient!

Stay safe, be sensible but most importantly don’t be selfish- be considerate.

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