Thank You Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!

With all this downtime my mental health has been getting worse. It was very bad pre-pandemic! I’ve tried lots of different things but one thing that does help is re-watching some of my favourite shows. I’ve found some almost impossible to watch at the moment. I don’t know why but those that I have watched. I have watched multiple times oer the past 18 months.

My latest re-watch has been Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m a huge fan of the MCU and when Phil Coulson was killed by Loki in Avengers I was gutted. Then they announced the show and I was very happy. Luckily, the show and the movies work well together. They are different but also very similar.

Watching it all again has brought back lots of memories for me. Some not great but the majority were awesome. Most of them were about conventions and guest encounters, some of which I will go into detail later on.

I obviously like all the espionage aspect to the show and the superhero elements that become more and more as the show progresses but I also love comedy, most of which is subtle and nuanced but not always. The odd pop culture reference is always a good thing.

The writing has been exceptional. Lots of twists and turns, back tracks, character development and tie-ins to some of the bigger movie plot points. Cameos from the films were also an enjoyable thing to see. Obviously Nick Fury and Peggy Carter were the main two but the Lady Sif episodes were great fun to watch. I really hope that at some point in the future they fully integrate the show and films. It would be great to see the new SHIELD under Mack’s leadership with Quake, Fitzsimmons, May and LMD Coulson in one of the films. That all hangs on how Season 7 ends though I guess.

The cast are all amazing and have all developed in some way over seven seasons and its been great to watch. Seeing May change from the obvious PTSD suffering May to the May we have now who loves her team, slightly less angry but much for fun and kick-ass either way. Ming-Na Wen was the absolute perfect choice to play May. Will be interesting to see how it plays out with LMD Coulson for her.

Coulson- where do I even begin! Dead-Alive-LMD-Alive-Dead-Sarge-Upgraded LMD….what’s next?? Either way Clark Gregg has done an amaing job since he first picked up the Coulson badge. It was also great to see him in Captain Marvel as a new agent.

Fitzsimmons- From day one we all wanted them to get together and when it finally happened they were torn apart. A great but sad story-line for Simmons. Elizabeth Henstridge’s performance during Season 6 and 7 as Simmons, dealing with the forced separation has been outstanding.

Yoyo and Mack- I love both of these characters and I’m glad they are back together again. I hope it all ends well for both of these characters. They have both had rough times, Mack dealing with the loss of his child and Yo-Yo her arms. Again, both outstanding performances from Natalia Cordova-Buckley and Henry Simmons.

Before I get on to my favourite character, I also want to give a huge shout out to two people, the first being Patton Oswalt who appeared as various incarnations of the Koenig siblings and has returned for Season 7 as their grandfather. Tried to cosplay you once, failed badly.

The second person is Briana Venskus who has appeared off and on as Agent Piper whilst simultaneously being a DEO Agent over on CW’s Supergirl! Briana is awesome in both shows and has such a unique sense of humour.

I hadn’t heard of Chloe Bennett before AoS but she has come a long way since she began as Skye. Of all the characters on the show I believe she has had the most character development of all. From Skye the anarchist and mole in Coulson’s team to finally earning her badge and becoming an agent and then learning about her parents and gaining her powers. Daisy is now one of the top agents and I would love to see her character in one of the movies. I’m hoping for an A-Force type movie where the team would be all female. Quake would fit in nicely and she has become my favourite character in the show. Thank you Chloe for being so awesome!

Honourable mentions go to Joel Stoffer and Jeff Ward as Enoch and Deke respectively who have both brought a great deal of humour to the show since they arrived.

I won’t post too much about the current season other than I am enjoying it so far. The retro feel of it all and the links to the SSR as well as cameos from Agent Carter’s Daniel Sousa are making Season 7 a fine way of finishing the series. I know it’s unlikely but I’m still hoping for more cameos from the MCU including Agent Carter herself even though Hayley Atwell has denied it.

Following the cast on Instagram has been such a blast. Seeing lots of behind-the-scenes images is both funny and endearing. They really have become a family both on and off screen it seems.

Finally a few memories from cons past…..

I’ve met a lot of the cast both past and present and hope to meet more. Both Ming-Na Wen and Clark Gregg are due to attend UK events over the next year. I just hope my mental health is up to going as crowds aren’t good for me at the moment. Not sure if I’ll ever meet Chloe, Henry or Natalia unless they do a con here which is sad.

A couple of interesting memories. The first is when I met Brett Dalton (Agent Grant Ward) at a Starfury Con in Blackpool. I had my SHIELD ID and Lootcrate exclusive pass which he decided to deface by writing “HYDRA WAS HERE” over it. Such a nice guy and we had a great chat and a laugh over the defacing.

My second memory was meeting Elizabeth Henstridge at the same event. I had met Elizabeth earlier to get an autograph but it was at the photoshoot when she realised that everything I was wearing was SHIELD (Cap, Shirt, Pass) and she thought it was hilarious. She thought only women coordinated in such a way! Such a funny and beautiful lady.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the cast and crew both past and present for all the enjoyment you have brought especially now to me personally when I am struggling so much. All the best for your future careers and I really hope to see you in future MCU movies or shows.

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