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I’ve posted many times about my battles with mental health. I don’t do it for sympathy, I do it because mental health issues need to be normalised not stigmatised. Many people go without getting diagnosed or are diagnosed too late because of the stigma that surrounds these issues. Even today, many GPs don’t have the knowledge or understanding and many patients can feel brushed aside.

I have a number of things I use to help me. A variety of grounding and relaxation techniques including meditations and mindfulness, regular medications and medications to use in a crisis.

I also have a variety of photos on my phone to remind me what I am struggling with is normal for my condition. Some examples are below.

I’ve also included the Robin Williams image for a reason. He was a huge hero of mine and, like many of us, hid his problems behind a smile which becomes second nature. I was broken when he died. The quote above by Robin means a lot to me.

I’d also like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Her name is Jess and she is an English Language and Literature teacher. She is also an accomplished musician.

Over the past couple of years Jess has had a change of direction. She is now an educator specialising in mindset mastery, intuition, spiritual literacy and life transformation.

Over the past couple of years Jess has been travelling the globe, learning from others and using this new knowledge to help people become empowered, emotionally literate, self-aware and liberated loving beings.

During her travels, Jess posted lots on her Instagram feed. Quotes, teachings, imagery and much more.

Many of these helped me a lot, especially when my other tools were not working. It may have been a quote of her own she posted or a quote from someone else that needed sharing. It may also have been an image from her travels that helped a lot.

I felt the need to share what Jess is doing in the hope that she may be able to help you too.

You can find Jess here at her website or here on Instagram.

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