Alphabet Squadron- Shadow Fall (Spoiler Free)

Shadow Fall, written by Alexander Freed, is the sequel to his 2019 book, Alphabet Squadron which told the story of a one-of-a-kind unit put together by General Hera Syndulla with one mission:- hunt down and destroy Shadow Wing who are an elite wing of Tie-Fighter pilots.

Continuing on from the previous book, the victory over the Empire is still the latest news across the galaxy. The New Republic are busy dealing with the remnants of the Imperial forces scattered across the galaxy but Shadow Wing are still proving to be elusive.

Alphabet Squadron, under the leadership of Yrica Quell is still searching for Shadow Wing but their failure to do so is causing friction within the unit.

Shadow Wing has also undergone some changes with ace pilot Soran Keize as their new leader and he intends to deal with Alphabet Squadron once and for all especially as their leader, Yrica Quell is his former subordinate turned traitor.

This is an excellent addition to the Star Wars universe. Once again Alexander Freed, whose novelisation of Rogue One I absolutely loved, has enriched the Star Wars story with his writing. Shadow Fall is action packed from the start and has plenty of character development, especially within Alphabet Squadron itself.

I must admit I found myself wondering if Alexander was at all inspired by the historical figure, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, also known as ‘The Red Baron’. Richthofen was a World War One fighter pilot and was consider Germany’s number one pilot with at least 80 victories to his name. The Red Baron was eventually killed by a novice pilot- not one that he had trained though.

If you are a Star Wars fan who enjoys reading the new expanded universe novels and you enjoyed the first Alphabet Squadron book then this book is for you.

I’m looking forward to finding out what else Alexander Freed has in his writing pipeline for Star Wars.

Thanks to DelRayUk and Cornerstone for the advance preview e-book copy!

PS- Hey Disney, it would be great to see some of these characters that Alexander created (along with Hera Syndulla) in a live action show!

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