Star Trek: Lower Decks

The newest Trek series, Star Trek Lower Decks, an animated sci-fi/comedy show set on board the USS Cerritos with a focus on low ranking crew members is set to air in the US from August 6th.

No international date has been set yet and with less than a month to go international fans are wondering if we are going to have to wait as CBS have yet to announce a date. Unfortunately this is one of the main causes of pirating. Modern times and the onset of social media means that anyone and everyone takes to Twitter or whatever platform they use and spoilers are everywhere. You can mute all the words and hashtags you want but things get through. Staying off the net is something that is routinely spouted at those who are behind and some folks take pleasure in spoiling for others which then causes arguments.

This isn’t the 1980’s CBS. You’ve had all this time to sort licensing out, put us fans out of our misery and give us a date please!

Oh, and whilst you are doing that can you please let us know if season one of Picard will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray at some point?

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