The Second Golden Age of Trek (Part 2)

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog piece on how we are currently enjoying The Second Golden Age of Trek. I want to expand on that a bit more.

As we all know, Star Trek officially began in 1966, with the animated series airing in the early 70’s.

From 1979 onwards we had the TOS movies which were then followed by the TNG movies ending in 2002. We had an extended dry spell on TV when all we had were repeats of both shows, that was until 1987 when TNG aired. Towards the end of TNG’s initial run then saw Deep Space 9, Voyager and then Enterprise which all had a degree of overlap.

For many, the period between 1979 and 2005 when Enterprise ended, was Trek’s First Golden Age- we had reruns of TOS and TAS plus all the new stuff to binge on.

After 2005 that was it until JJ Abrams rebooted Trek with his ‘Kelvinverse’ films beginning in 2009.

Then Discovery arrived on the scene and as of January 2020 when Star Trek: Picard aired we have 13 films and 8 shows to choose from. Then CBS announced a Captain Pike spin-off ‘Strange New Worlds’ and of course Star Trek: Lower Decks, the adult-orientated animated show were announced.

Lower Decks, or to use its official abbreviation, LDS (inspired by a line from The Voyage Home) we now know begins August 6th 2020 and thanks to Comic-Con@home we now know that there is also another animated show aimed at kids in the works, Star Trek: Prodigy- current thoughts are that its based either around a group of cadets at Starfleet Academy or a rogue group of teens who stumble across a derelict starship.

That, plus the Section 31 show means that within 3 years we will have 13 films (14 if the rumoured one goes ahead), 12 TV shows plus all of the Short Treks to keep us happy.

Combined with the fact that nearly all of the cast of the most recent shows plus a few from past shows are very active on social media and actually enjoy chatting with fans, apart from one of the old crowd who does struggle a bit.

All of this combined means that this really is a good time to be a Trekkie!

I know I’ve repeated some of this from before but its because I’m still in awe of what we have and what is to come as are many other Trekkies I know!

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