Star Trek Fotonovels of the 70’s

When Star Trek ended its initial run both in the US and UK, Trek fans were pretty much starved of new stories and re-runs of the show were always intermittent and shown out of order.

Of course we had the novels by James Blish which retold, and expanded upon, all of the original episodes. There were also original works such as Spock Must Die! also by James Blish. We also had the animated show and accompanying Log Books.

However, during the 70’s one fad that appeared were Fotonovels. The books retold the story using images from the original show/film with comic style speech bubbles for dialogue etc. Some examples include Mork & Mindy, Battlestar Galactica, Rocky, The Champ and more.

12 Star Trek Fotonovels were produced- not in any particular order, just 12 stories picked at random from across the three seasons. These were:-

1 – City on the edge of Forever

2 – Where No Man has Gone Before

3 – The Trouble With Tribbles

4 – A Taste Of Armageddon

5 – Metamorphosis

6 – All Our Yesterdays

7 – The Galileo 7

8 – A Piece Of The Action

9 – The Devil In The Dark

10 – Day Of The Dove

11 – The Deadly Years

12 – Amok Time

Similar Fotonovels were also produced for Stare Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I always felt the latter was rushed and for some reason it was all in black and white!

For many Trekkies these books became our mainstay until the onset of VCR’s that allowed us to record episodes when shown on TV.

I remember reading one or two of mine so much that I became afraid they would fall apart!

Anyone else have them?

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