FANSETS~ Pin Update

Until now my main focus of Fansets Star Trek pins has been on character (Micro-Crew), episode pins and special edition pins. Some examples are below.

Recently though I purchased my first ship (Micro-Fleet) pin and I’m absolutely hooked!

Each pins shows a different ship and every era so far with the exception of Picard and Lower Decks is represented. I fully expect to see ship pins from both of the new shows as soon as Lew and co can get approval.

These pins aren’t tiny either. They are much bigger than I expected and the artwork on them is astounding as always. Apart from an image of the ship, each pin also has the ship class on, as well as the ship name and registry number. The appropriate delta for the era it comes from is also on the pin.

I’m really hoping that Fansets get the Enterprise Refit back in stock soon and I hope we eventually get pins for the Enterprise A, C and E.

If I had a wish-list of ships I’d like to see represented it would be:-

  • The aforementioned Enterprises A, C, E and J.
  • USS Stargazer (Constellation Class)
  • USS Grissom/USS Tsiolkovsky (Oberth Class)
  • USS Shran/USS Cabot (Magee Class)
  • USS Prometheus (Prometheus Class)
  • Danube Class Runabout

I could go on but these are some of my favourites!

I know I’m not alone when I say I’d also love to see some pins representing the ‘Short Treks’ such as ‘The Trouble with Edward’ and ‘Q&A’ as well as special pins involving cast crossovers, for example a special pin of Scotty from the episode ‘Relics’ or McCoy from ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ and Spock from ‘Unification’.

Only a short shopping list there eh Fansets? Hope you don’t mind the suggestions!

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