The ORIGINAL Thrawn Trilogy

Grand Admiral Thrawn has become a beloved character in the Star Wars universe over the years. Whether you know of him from the recent novels or from Star Wars Rebels, I think we can all agree he is an awesome character.

Later this year, Thrawn Ascendancy is released and kicks off a new trilogy by the original creator of the character, author Timothy Zahn.

Thrawn’s story began back in 1991 with the original Thrawn Trilogy consisting of ‘Heir to the Empire’, ‘Dark Force Rising’ and ‘The Last Command’. This trilogy kicked off a long line of original stories that we now know as ‘Star Wars Legends’

The original trilogy hasn’t been reissued for a long while. From today, all three books in the trilogy have been republished with brand new artwork and are available from all the usual places.

Many fans, including myself, believe this trilogy to be the best ever. As much as I love the sequel movies (and I really, really do) I’ve always thought that these books would have made a great follow up film series.

If you haven’t read them, then you are really missing out and I’d recommend getting hold of a copy!

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