As Trekkies have we become spoiled by modern TV?

Star Trek: The Next Generation recently celebrated its 33rd birthday. It first aired in the US on September 28th 1987 with ‘Encounter At Farpoint’.

This got me thinking. Have we become spoiled and a bit selfish by modern TV?

Nowadays we get new programmes within a day or two, sometimes a week of it airing in the US. There are a few programmes that have a couple of months delay, but on the whole we get TV and Film a lot quicker than we used to.

There has been lots of complaining, from me included, about how Star Trek: Lower Decks isn’t currently available anywhere but the US when Star Trek: Discovery is available to us the next day.

When I think back to Star Trek: The Next Generation, It would be three years until it first aired on BBC 2 in the UK- September 26th 1990. Three long years.

Back then we had to wait months, if not years for new content unless you were lucky enough to have friends in the US that taped the episodes for you and sent them over.

We had some TNG magazines over here as well as the novelisation of the pilot episode which was published in the UK by Titan Books in 1988. I had been reading about TNG in Starlog magazine and was desperate to see it. I remember out doing some shopping for my mum when I saw the above book on a rotating book shelf. I went back home to get some more money and bought it. I read that book so much until it finally aired over here.

We don’t have that nowadays. Sure there are magazines and novels but they tend to be new stories. Gone are the days when the stories shown on TV also had novel versions.

The new series of Star Trek Discovery is available over here one day after the US but there is still no news on Lower Decks. We keep being reassured that it’s coming but that’s all we ever hear. Is it a licensing issue? Whatever it is, UK and the rest of the non-US world are feeling let down by the lack of news.

So that leaves me with my original question. Have we become spoiled by modern TV? I’m on the fence at the moment- we have higher expectations for sure but are we spoiled? It’s possible- but you can make your own mind up!

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