If you’re a fan of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and love behind the scenes, special effects and artwork then ‘Inside The Art & Visual Effects’ by Jeff Bond and Gene Kozicki is the book for you.

This book takes a close look at how the leap was made from the look and design of The Original Series to the fresher, more futuristic look of TMP.

When filming the original series, it was well known that Gene Roddenberry had huge ideas for how he wanted the look of the show to be. From ship design to costume and props- the two things that held him back were budget and the technology of the time. His dream was realised in making ‘The Motion Picture’ and any eagle eyed fan will see that lots of design from TMP has been used in Discovery.

Beginning with the aborted Phase II, you can see the progression in design. Viewers of Star Trek Discovery will see where the design for the Crossfield Class Starship originated from.

Everything from phaser design, console design for hero characters and fonts is in this book. It’s filled with beautiful matte paintings, concept art, behind the scenes photography and much more.

I’m hoping we get something similar for other Star Trek films.

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