NYCC Star Trek Panels

New York Comic Con followed the lead of many other events and went virtual this year and as has become standard, Star Trek had its own panel.

Part one was hosted by Wil Wheaton and was all about Lower Decks which happened to have its Season 1 finale on the same day. It was an enjoyable panel albeit full of spoilers for anyone outside of the US/Canada who have yet to see it. It has been renewed for another season and from the sound of it, production was already under way in some form.

The second part of the panel focussed entirely on Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery, beginning with a sneak peak introduced by Sonequa Martin-Green. We then met the new members of the cast who in turn told us a little bit about their characters and existing cast members brought us up to date as much as they were allowed about their character.

Finally, the last section of the panel was dedicated to Star Trek: Prodigy- the new animated Nickleodeon series based on a group of kids who come across a derelict starship and set off for some adventures. Alex Kurtzman informed us that the children would have a mentor to guide them along, teach them skills and more. That captain would be one of Starfleet’s finest- the one and only Captain Kathryn Janeway and Kate Mulgrew will be reprising that role!

It was a great panel and that final, big reveal about Janeway left Twitter in a frenzy! I look forward to seeing it at some point!

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