Star Trek Novels of the 80’s

There are currently over 860 Star Trek novels that have been published since the late 60’s. I’ve got around 99% of the books published between the late 60’s and the early 90’s. I had to stop collecting as I was running out of room (and money!). I’ve since started collecting again, beginning with the Discovery and Picard novels.

Over here in the UK, Star Trek novels are published by Titan UK. In the 80s they reprinted a series of TOS novels first published in the US by Pocket Books, beginning with TOS novels and then branching out into TNG and so on. I used to get mine, beginning with 01 Chain of Attack, from Forbidden Planet and had a regular order with them.

I was chatting with some Trekkies over on Twitter and we got to talking about the series and books we would recommend. If you are new to Trek or you’ve never read any TOS novels and want a good place to start, you can view the list of the original Titan ones here at Memory Alpha.

Below are my Top 10 recommendations in no particular order:-

For current Star Trek books both fictional and technical, check out the Titan website here and Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster here.

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