Star Trek Statues & Plaques around the globe.

Yesterday in Bloomington, Indiana, in a ceremony organised by a local Star Trek group, a statue to Captain Kathryn Janeway was unveiled with Kate Mulgrew attending in a virtual capacity. This statue commemorates the future birthplace of Kathryn Janeway, one of Starfleet’s finest captains. Kate talked briefly about Voyager and the new upcoming series, Prodigy.

It’s well deserved but its not the first of its kind.

In Riverside, Iowa there is both a dedication stone and a statue dedicated to the future birthplace of Captain James T Kirk.

In Linlithgow, Scotland, the local museum has a plaque dedicated to Montgomery Scott’s future birthplace.

Finally, in South London, there is a plaque dedicated to Amanda Grayson, mother of Spock, living at the house at some point in the future. Going by the dates though, I’m wondering if this is based on the Kelvin timeline Amanda?

Plans are afoot to get a statue to Miles O’Brien erected in Dublin.

How about a statue for Jean-Luc Picard in LaBarre, France? Or Benjamin Sisko in New Orleans? McCoy in Georgia?

Any more suggestions? If I’ve missed any please let me know!

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