Sir Sean Connery~ RIP

Sean Connery, known to many as the original big-screen James Bond has died age 90.

Many others can write a far better obituary than I can so I’m not going to even try. Most people know of his story of Milkman to Movie Star, proud Scotsman, body builder and more.

Sir Sean had a long career in Theatre, TV and Film and I’d like to share with you my Top 10 favourite non-Bond movies as well as my favourite Bond film.

First off is my favourite Bond film starring Sean Connery. For me, Sean is the only Bond to get close to Ian Flemings description of him. Connery played 007 a total of 7 times and out of his 7 films my favourite has to be his third film Goldfinger in which Bond has to outwit Auric Goldfinger and his plot to contaminate the US Gold Bullion supply at Fort Knox. The film is one of my earliest Bond memories and as such has become my top Bond film.

Now, on to my Top 10 Sean Connery (Non-Bond) Films

10. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves- Not technically a Connery movie, but his top-secret cameo as King Richard was awesome.

09. A Bridge Too Far- One of a few big-budget World War 2 films with multiple big names. In this, Connery plays Maj. General Urquhart, and tells the story of the Allied failed ‘Operation Market Garden’.

08. Rising Sun- Sean stars as an ex-cop turned Japanese expert in this murder-thriller alongside Wesley Snipes.

07. The Presidio- In this Military murder-mystery, Connery pairs up with Mark Harmon of NCIS fame to solve the murder of a US Army MP and two SFPD officers.

06. The Longest Day- Another epic World War 2 movie with many big names, this film tells the story of the D-Day Landings. In this, Sean plays Pvt. Flanagan an Infantryman with the 3rd Division.

05. The Rock- In this, Sean plays John Mason, an ex-con who escaped Alcatraz and has to help a Federal Agent, played by Nicholas Cage, to stop a nerve gas attack on the city.

04. Highlander- Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, mentor and friend of Connor MacLeod who are in a fight with other immortals to be the last remaining one standing. Not a fan of Highlander 2 but in it Sean has one of my favourite lines that I use. Ramirez is on a flight and the stewardess offers him some food to which he responds “I never eat anything I can’t identify

03. The Untouchables- In this, Connery play Jim Malone, a Chicago Cop who is enlisted by Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) in his battle against Al Capone.

02. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- Taking up the role of Dr Henry Walton Jones Sr, Sean provides much comic relief for the film, adds a bit of flair and makes a great dad to Harrison Ford’s Dr Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr.

01. The Hunt for Red October- Not only is this one of the best Jack Ryan movies, Sean Connery is excellent as Captain Marko Ramius, Commander of the Russian Ballistic Submarine ‘Red October’ who plans to defect to the US.

There are many other amazing films I could add. Zardoz, Robin and Marian, Medicine Man and more.

Rest In Peace Sean, you have entertained the world and we thank you for it!

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