The Women of Trek Pins

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Fansets pins. I currently have 126 of them and I’m sure there are people out there that have more than me.

Fansets often make special sets, such as the Voyager 25th Anniversary set (see below). You can normally buy them individually or as a set. Buying a set is often beneficial as with some sets you also receive bonus, limited edition pins.

I want to focus on the fairly new ‘Women of Trek’ set that was introduced earlier this year. This set, as the name suggests, focuses on the iconic female characters of Trek. The earlier Trek shows quite often side-lined many of the female characters and I feel that this set in particular will highlight a lot of the amazing women of Trek- both the characters and the actors behind them.

Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to get Set 1 as a whole set which means I will miss out on the three special pins that come with it. Instead I bought them individually as they were released and I have to say they are some of the most beautiful pins I have ever seen.

Fansets have already begun to release the individual pins from Sets 1 and 2. A complete list (so far) is below.

Series 1
Kathryn Janeway
Nyota Uhura

Series One – Not yet released
Kira Nerys
Michael Burnham
Deanna Troi
Beverly Crusher

Series 1 Set Bonus Pins (Only available if buying complete set)
Edith Keeler
Borg Queen
Women Of Trek Logo

Series 2
Sylvia Tilly
7 of 9
Jadzia Dax
Hoshi Sato

Series 2- Not yet released
Nurse Chapel (January 2021)
Soji Asha (February 2021)

Work on Series 3 designs will begin early in 2021 I have been told.

Each pin is 2 inches or bigger and have glittery backgrounds. If you are a serious Trek pin collector then these are a must! Fansets are also open to ideas from fans/customers (Commander Nhan, Lt. Amin, Lt. Nilsson please)

Here’s a photo of mine on their board so you get a rough idea of the size. The board size is 600mm x 400mm.

Check out the Fansets website by clicking here:- FANSETS

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