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Before I begin I want to make one thing clear. I’m not writing this to show off or virtue signal and so on. I have a genuine passion for raising money for charities and I have been asked where that came from on a few occasions. Here is that story plus exciting news of a new endeavour below.

From a very young age I have enjoyed helping to raise money for a variety of charities. It first began in primary school when we had the chance to raise money for ‘Help The Aged’ by doing a treasure hunt- this became an annual event which I enjoyed a lot. A couple of years later, my local swimming club (Yes, I was skinny and swam competitively as a kid) organised a sponsored swim for the British Heart Foundation in association with British Olympic medallist, David Wilkie. Somehwere I have a photo of us after I had finished my laps. I took part in a number of sponsored swims over the years.

Then, in my teens, I took part in events organised by my church for The London Lighthouse (An AIDS/HIV charity) and others.

More recently, I have taken part in two events for Cancer Research in memory of my Uncle Tony. Both involved abstaining from drink for a month.

In 2017 I took part in a 5km Nightwalk for Autism organised by the National Autistic Society– I did this on behalf of my niece Jess. This was a real challenge for me as I’m not very fit and I’m overweight. Added to all of that it took place on one of the coldest, iciest nights in March a day after some heavy snowfall. But I did it.

Over the past year I have done a fair bit of fundraising online. Mostly Twitter. It normally involves me giving away something 3D printed. Most of the items have been either Star Wars or Star Trek related props. Phasers, blasters, PADDS etc.

One particular giveaway was for Red Door Family Shelter- a Toronto based charity that helps homeless families. The winner of this giveaway won a new style USS Enterprise PADD as seen on Star Trek Discovery and the charity was nominated by Samora Smallwood who plays Lt. Amin, navigator on the ship.

The rest of my giveaways were for two charities that mean a lot to me. The first is MIND, the Mental Health Charity. As someone who battles with Mental Health issues their work means a lot to me.

The second is the relatively new charity called SameYou. SameYou are a Brain Injury charity set up by actress Emilia Clarke. Emilia is one of the reasons that I support SameYou as she is my favourite actress- she suffered from 2 brain injuries herself which lead her to set up the charity. The other is because my Grandad Tom had a number of strokes and the money they raise also goes toward research in that area.

I will continue to do this into 2021 and will start announcing on here as well but I wanted to give you a heads up of one that is coming soon.

I will be working with fellow Twitter 3D makers @GeekToyLove, who is taking the lead on the modelling and making side of this endeavour, and the talented @prtydeadunicorn. Running the whole fundraising project will be Noah Averbach-Katz, actor, nerd and husband of Mary Wiseman who plays Tilly on Star Trek Discovery. Noah has recently joined the cast as Ryn the Andorian and is hoping to raise money for the #Insulin4All worldwide campaign to help people with Diabetes.

This image below was designed by Twitter user @planetrise. GeekToyLove, PDU and myself are designing combadges based on the image. Each one will be a little different. Once we have made our combadges, Noah will announce how it will all work so keep your eyes open on his Twitter page.

Once the main fundraising event is over, we hope to have more badges available to help us raise money but that’s way down the line. Below is a prototype of my badge which will have magnets on both parts.

I hope that when the final details are announced that as many of you as possible will join in for a worthwhile cause!

Keep checking back here or on my Twitter for more information on Noah’s fundraising as well as future charity giveaways from me which will happen once the #Insulin4All one is finished.

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