Wonder Woman 84- Review

I love Superhero movies- I prefer the MCU over the DCEU mainly because the majority of movies in the DCEU have not been great but also because I read more Marvel than DC when growing up. Saying that I’ve always enjoyed Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC. Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of hate online WW84 and as far as I’m concerned none of it is justified.

I see superhero movies in pretty much the same way I would Star Trek or Star Wars. Pure escapism and a way to take a break from reality, which we’ve all needed in 2020. Yes, the majority have some sort of message they want to get across to the audience but I don’t believe they have ever been designed to be deep-thought provoking. If I want that I’ll watch 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I am a big fan of the original film as you can see here and I have to say that after 2 viewings I love WW84 as much if not more than the first. I don’t want to spoil the movie by talking about the plot too much. It was great to see Pedro Pascal back on screen and his portrayal of Maxwell Lord was extremely Trump-like. Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva was just great as the lacking-in-self-confidence but compassionate nerd and as the kick ass Cheetah. Gal, as always, is perfect for the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

There were a few nods back to the original film that were both amusing and touching.

In the first film we see Steve and Diana walking through London and Diana is clearly out of place, not knowing what to do and has Steve as her guide. This mirrors nicely with Diana showing Steve the sights in Washington DC, especially with a scene involving Steve and a trashcan.

Steve choosing what outfit to wear and Diana telling him yes or no is reminiscent of the scene where Etta Candy and Steve were getting Diana normal clothes in Selfridges. I loved all the different outfits Steve tried and pretty sure I had a couple of them myself!

Lastly, seeing characters from the first film appear in photos in Diana’s apartment was a nice touch. All of the crowd at Charlie’s wedding, the Chief with Diana and Etta liberating prisoners from a concentration camp in World War 2 and finally Diana posing for a photo with an elderly Etta Candy.

Most of the hate that I saw online was by white men who hated the films feminist message- seriously, get over yourselves. It also deals quite openly with misogyny and how men’s’ views and attitudes toward women really haven’t changed much . There was also a lot of hate directed at Gal Gadot over her time spent in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and the issues around Palestine. That’s a political topic I’m not going to get into as I don’t fully understand it but what I will say is that Gal is Israeli and she was a member of the Israeli army doing her patriotic duty for her country.

Lots of younger folks were also complaining that it looked nothing like 1984. Sorry to tell you this but it was pretty accurate in fashion, music and historical events around the world- the cold war, trouble in the middle east and so on. If you were not around in 1984 you have no idea!

WW84 has a couple of problems but what film doesn’t. They aren’t huge to me but nevertheless here they are. First is the return of Steve Trevor. I understand the how it happened, what I am still unsure about is the method of his return and why it had to be in someone else’s body. No one other than Diana would recognise Steve in 1984 as he died at the end of World War One. Next was Steve’s ability to fly a modern jet plane. In the first we find out that Steve is a skilled pilot, flying biplanes. Whilst the basics of flight haven’t changed since 1918, his ability to jump into a jet plane and be instantly capable of flying it seemed a bit implausible. Lastly I found that in a couple of instances, primarily when Diana was super-speed running, the CGI didn’t look quite right.

Don’t leave as soon as the credits roll as you’ll miss a nice mid-credits scene that I’m hoping leads into the next movie.

Overall its an enjoyable film that has the usual amounts of escapism and with two villains that, by the end of the story, you actually feel sorry for.

I think the main message the film gives is that wishing for something doesn’t mean it will be good for you and what will you lose in return? I’d give it a solid 8.5/10.

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