Chatting with Nhan…

I recently had the chance to spend time online with Rachael Ancheril, best known to Star Trek Discovery fans as Commander Nhan, the Barzan Security Officer. After a brief catch-up as to how we were both coping with lockdown and chatting about my #Bonkers4Burnham tee-shirt we began the interview. As you will see Rachael and... Continue Reading →

Star Trek~ Top Gun

In a recent edition of Star Trek Magazine there was a very interesting article on who was Star Trek's Top Gun. Since the early days of Trek it has always been Hikaru Sulu who was noted as being the best helmsman in Starfleet and the article gives many, many examples of why that is the... Continue Reading →

The Art of Star Trek Discovery

With Season 3 finishing I had another look back at a gift I received at Christmas. The Art of Star Trek Discovery book by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann. This behind the scenes book covers everything from starship design concepts, weapons and other tech, uniforms and costumes as well as much more. The... Continue Reading →

New pins coming from Fansets!

With everything going on in the world, particularly in the US, Fansets provided some welcome relief from reality by announcing their upcoming Star Trek pins for the first and second quarters of 2021. First up are the new pins from 'The Original Series' TV and Films. We have 3 new pins from TOS. From the... Continue Reading →

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