Star Wars- The High Republic: Light of the Jedi


Star Wars- The High Republic was announced mid-2020 as ‘Project Luminous‘ and will consist of a number of stand-alone stories that will themselves link to a bigger narrative. These stories will be released across a variety of media including adult, young adult, mid-range and young reader novels as well as a comic series and a web-based series.

The High Republic stories are all set 200 years before ‘The Skywalker Saga’ during a time when the Republic was experiencing a golden age. The core systems and those in the inner and mid-rim territories are at peace. The Jedi and the Republic work hand-in-hand to maintain that peace.

Chancellor Lina Soh, Head of the Galactic Republic is intent on bringing peace and order to those worlds in the Outer Rim who seek it. Starlight Beacon, a waypoint on the borders of the Outer Rim serves as an outpost of the Republic and of the Jedi Order.

A disaster in Hyperspace brings Republic and Jedi forces into action as a rescue armada in an attempt to save as many people as they can. We meet a new group of Jedi as well as an old face or two and finally get to see new Jedi of already known species such as Wookies and Trandoshans.

Lurking in the darkest reaches at the very edge of the Outer Rim lies a new threat. One so deadly that even the most powerful of Jedi struggle to deal with it.

This book is a must for all Star Wars fans. Apart from all the new characters and planets introduced, there is enough ‘Star Wars’ in this to keep any fan happy- it IS Star Wars at some of its best.

Charles Soule has done an excellent job at bringing to life a period in Star Wars history that has only been mentioned. A very different Galactic Republic to what we are used to; one that actually seems to work and cares about its citizens balanced with enough of already known Star Trek Lore makes this a fine addition to my collection (please excuse the blatant General Grievous pun!). The description of the Jedi outfits and the lightsaber designs alone is enough to get any cosplayer excited.

I can’t recommend this enough and cannot wait for the next adult book, The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott, which is due for release in July 2021.

The High Republic-Light of the Jedi is available from all good booksellers from today.

May the Force be with you….always.

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