Beautiful New Artwork

Over the past few months we have had plenty of discussions on Trek Twitter about who we would like to see appear on Star Trek. Being a huge fan, my one and only choice is Emilia Clarke. I honestly wouldn't mind what Trek show she appeared on but my preference would be Star Trek Discovery.... Continue Reading →

Women of Trek In-House Con Panel

Those folks over at Coolwater Productions have more online con panels arranged for the first few months of the year. One of the first Trek ones for the year took place last week. The 'Women of Trek' panel was once again hosted by Derek Maki and his guests were Janet Kidder who played bad-ass Orion... Continue Reading →

2 New Autograph cards!

Two new cards from the Star Trek Discovery trading cards sets have arrived. Both cards are from Season 2 of Discovery. First we have Oyin Oladejo's autograph card. Oyin plays Joann Owosekun. The card is Full-Bleed and is listed as VERY LIMITED. The second card to arrive is of Young Michael Burnham as played by... Continue Reading →

Ten years of Death in Paradise!

For a show that the critics believed wouldn't make it past one series, BBC hit show Death in Paradise is celebrating its tenth series. Would I consider myself a superfan? Probably. I even tried to work out how many free drinks Catherine had given away over the years but lost count. It's got me through... Continue Reading →

New Star Trek: Discovery book alert!

Coming this year is the 7th original story in the Star Trek: Discovery series. The book, titled 'Wonderlands', is written by New York Times Bestselling Author Una McCormack who also wrote Star Trek: Discovery- The Way to the Stars which told the story of a young Sylvia Tilly. Wonderlands takes place in the year that... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery S2 Autograph Card

Each set of Discovery cards had a number of Autograph Cards available, ranging from 'Limited' to 'Extremely Limited'. The Season 1 set has 47 possible autograph cards whilst Season 2 has 65. The character cards normally come in pairs with each image being slightly different. For example, there are 2 cards of Lt Amin (Samora... Continue Reading →

New Trek Trading Cards!

As a follow-up to my previous post I've started collecting the Star Trek: Discovery trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives (website) and I must say I am impressed. When I was a kid, trading cards came in a wax packet with a stick of gum. It had a nice shiny picture on the front of... Continue Reading →

Disaster Strikes! Eeeek!

I have a story to tell you. I'm not telling it because I want sympathy, it's too late for that. I'm telling it because I am trying to rebuild my collection. I had an absolutely HUGE collection of memorabilia and I mean huge. From pretty much every franchise you could think of. It was an... Continue Reading →

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