Disaster Strikes! Eeeek!

I have a story to tell you. I’m not telling it because I want sympathy, it’s too late for that. I’m telling it because I am trying to rebuild my collection.

I had an absolutely HUGE collection of memorabilia and I mean huge. From pretty much every franchise you could think of. It was an absolute pain to dust and I was forever reorganising how I present it, but it was mine.

Just over 20 years ago my brother and I decided to take our mum out in her wheelchair for a day out. It seemed to be a good idea as the guy in the flat above us was constantly doing DIY on his place and at the moment he was doing something with the heating system. So we wrapped mum up in her wheelchair blankets, scarf, hat etc and set out for a day. We went to the park, saw some of her old friends on Portobello Road and more.

It was late afternoon or maybe even early evening when we returned home. The lights were out in the flat above so we knew he was out. My brother wheeled mum up to the front door and I began to unlock it. I immediately knew something was wrong. There was water everywhere, the walls were soaking, water was dripping through the roof and our power was out. It was obvious something had gone wrong upstairs.

We had no choice but to call the Fire Brigade who showed up with a pump and started pumping water out. They tried to contact the guy above without luck and had to break in to his place, only to find out he had taken a radiator off of the wall in the room above mine, drained the system but didn’t bother to turn off the timed heating so whilst he was out it all fired up and spouted hot water into my room.

I lost pretty much everything. My Trek, Star Wars and other books survived along with my autographs and a few toys like my Dinky Enterprise, but everything else was gone due to being soaked in hot water for a while. Boxed figures were ruined, posters gone. VHS tapes, vinyl records, Star Wars comics all gone. Even the pin badges I had back then too a hit- if they were made of metal then they made it but if they were the button type that was plastic over paper then they were lost. My household insurance didn’t cover collectibles and the guy above had none.

I’ve spent the last few years buying back bits that I lost that really meant something.. One thing I really miss are my trading card collection. I have a handful of Star Wars, Star Trek, Mork and Mindy and a couple of Stargate SG-1 promo cards but that is it.

I’ve started collecting again and have picked up the odd bargain here and there. What I am asking my fellow nerds is this. Please keep your eyes open for any reasonably priced trading card sets of the original 3 Star Wars films, the Star Trek TOS/TNG cards that came out late 80’s early 90’s, Trek movie cards, MASH, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman and more. I’m regularly checking eBay, FB Marketplace and so on but quite often the best deals come from fans.

If you hear or see anything you think I might be interested in feel free to contact me on Twitter or email me on nottinghillnerd@gmail.com.

I’ve recently started buying the new Star Trek Discovery sets and will be blogging about those, especially when I get special cards.

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