New Trek Trading Cards!

As a follow-up to my previous post I’ve started collecting the Star Trek: Discovery trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives (website) and I must say I am impressed.

When I was a kid, trading cards came in a wax packet with a stick of gum. It had a nice shiny picture on the front of whatever the card was from. For the majority, the image on the back could be turned into a jigsaw which made up a bigger picture.

Like most things, trading cards have evolved for the better. So far I have the base sets for Seasons 1 and 2 of Discovery. Each numbered card is specific to an episode with a good, clear image on the front whilst on the reverse you’ll find a short synopsis of the episode depicted.

I’ve also managed to get a few of the autograph cards. These character cards are signed by the actor who portrayed them with a verification on the back saying its a verified in-person autograph. In fact, I’ve seen lots of Discovery cast members put videos on social media of them signing.

Having looked at their website, they have a plethora of Trek trading cards for me to collect and blog about, plus they have some beautiful Game of Thrones cards too. Their archive has also given me a mission as it turns out they also produced in the past sets for other favourite shows such as BSG, The Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man and so on.

Look out for more updates on the collection as it grows. I’ll be highlighting some cards on here….

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