Star Trek: Discovery S2 Autograph Card

Each set of Discovery cards had a number of Autograph Cards available, ranging from ‘Limited’ to ‘Extremely Limited’. The Season 1 set has 47 possible autograph cards whilst Season 2 has 65. The character cards normally come in pairs with each image being slightly different. For example, there are 2 cards of Lt Amin (Samora Smallwood), each card has a very similar image of Amin, just from a slightly different angle. The other difference is that one card will be ‘Bordered’ (white border between the image and the edge of the card) or ‘Full Bleed’ (image printed to the edge of card). Season 2 also has quote autograph cards included in the 65.

One of the first cards I managed to get was of Lt. Nilsson from Season 2 of Discovery. This scene is from when Lt Nilsson becomes the new Bridge Spore Drive Officer after Lt. Airiam’s death. For those that don’t now, actor Sara Mitich portrayed Airiam in Season 1.

As you can see, this is the Full Bleed version and is listed as LIMITED. The signature of Sara Mitich is on the front, whilst on the back is a verification that the autograph is an authentic, in-person autograph as opposed to a pre-printed or autopen signature. The rear also has the Rittenhouse Archive almost-holographic ‘watermark’ across it for more authenticity.

Look out for more Autograph cards I’ll be showcasing over time along with base cards, relics and other specials.

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