Women Make Trek!

Launched today, the ‘Women Make Trek’ initiative was created by Laz Marquez and Heather-Rae. Its mission statement, taken from its website www.womenmaketrek.com can be read below.

“Women Make Trek” was born from a mutual love of the “Star Trek” Universe, art & design and the incredible wealth of artistic talent working today who you may or may not be aware of. We are explorers & curators of a legacy that has been beaming for 55 Years and counting.

Our main goal is to highlight the strength and contributions of the Women who have made “Star Trek”, in all of it’s iterations, what it is. This isn’t just a post of artwork on social media, these pieces of art are accompanied with honest and emotional stories on how these Women/Actresses have impacted the artists’ lives. Behind every piece of artwork is a spark that leads to wonder, and we look to share that in a deeper way. Be gone character counts, you don’t belong here.

As we hit warp-speed on this initiative, we will also expand and build new ideas that will bring fans & talent together in new & exciting ways. In the meantime, explore the amazing talent and their artwork and hopefully get inspired by their work!

Two of the contributing artists I already follow on Twitter and their work is amazing. Steffi and Gabi are incredibly talented and you can see their work by clicking on the link at the bottom of the images below. The stories behind these two artists and their art is quite inspiring.

They are a part of a group of artists whose work is on display on the site and this is only the beginning. I will be following this initiative with interest and support in any way I can and I hope you do the same!

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