Beautiful New Artwork

Over the past few months we have had plenty of discussions on Trek Twitter about who we would like to see appear on Star Trek. Being a huge fan, my one and only choice is Emilia Clarke. I honestly wouldn’t mind what Trek show she appeared on but my preference would be Star Trek Discovery. I mentioned that I would love a piece of artwork of Emilia in a Star Trek uniform.

Enter new friend Gabi. Gabi is an incredibly gifted artist and she spent quite a while drawing the portrait below of Emilia in a new Star Trek Discovery Starfleet captains uniform. To say I am gobsmacked is an understatement. Gabi has really captured Emilia well, especially her eyes. I’ve ordered this on a canvas to hang on my wall. It really is beautiful.

If you would like to see more of Gabi’s work (and I highly recommend you do) you can see more here at the Women Make Trek website.

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