Women of Trek In-House Con Panel

Those folks over at Coolwater Productions have more online con panels arranged for the first few months of the year. One of the first Trek ones for the year took place last week.

The ‘Women of Trek’ panel was once again hosted by Derek Maki and his guests were Janet Kidder who played bad-ass Orion and Emerald Chain big cheese Osyraa and Rachael Ancheril who plays Commander Nhan. I recently interviewed Rachael so it was great to see her again as always. (You can read that interview here)

The panel took its usual format with Derek introducing the guests and then beginning the panel by asking some pre-set questions before taking some from the attendees. There was the usual banter between guests, host and attendees which is always good fun and we got to learn that Janet kept Osyraa’s boots and ring when she finished on the show.

I really enjoy Coolwaters In-House Cons and would recommend that you give them a try if you haven’t already! You can check them out here.

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