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You may have read recently that Paramount have announced 5 new cast members to the upcoming Strange New Worlds series starring Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romjin.

Ever since the announcement was made I’ve been thinking about possible roles for each new member.

Babs Olusanmokun, Christina Chong, Jess Bush, Melissa Navia, and Celia Rose Gooding are the new names beaming onboard the Enterprise and whilst there have been many theories as to who each person is playing, here I mine. As usual I’m probably completely off-base but we will see!

Whilst there are bound to be some new characters, I’m willing to bet my favourite Tribble that we will see some old characters but early on in their careers. When the audition sheets went out last year they included very vague descriptions and character names which I believe to be codenames, nothing more.

Up first is Babs Olusanmokun. He was listed as being a close advisor and friend to Captain Pike. In ‘The Cage’ the ships physician, Dr Phillip Boyce was a close friend and bartender to Pike. Could Babs be playing a retconned version of Boyce? Personally I’d say no- I’m guessing he may be a new character who could be the ships Chief Engineer.

Next we have Christina Chong whose character is described as the Chief of Security and is a total badass but suffers from PTSD and goes by the name La’an. I believe this to be another new character and believe that in this instance the majority of what they have told us it true.

Jess Bush is apparently playing a character called Miller and is listed as ‘the beating heart of sickbay’. Many are saying she is the ship’s nurse, possibly the head nurse before Christine Chapel. I’d say this is very likely.

Melissa Navia is listed as playing a character called Ortegas. Now this is an interesting one- in ‘The Cage’ we saw a character called Jose Tyler (Played by Peter Duryea). In the original draft of ‘The Cage’ the character was named Jose Ortega. Coincidence? Another red herring? She is also described as having a very dry wit which makes me think of a Jett Reno type character.

Either way, by the time the show is set, Tyler has already left to get his own command, according to the book ‘The Enterprise War’. This would explain why Lt Amin (Samora Smallwood) is the ship’s navigator at the end of Discovery Season 2- I’m really hoping that both Amin and Samora are returning.

Finally we have Celia Rose Gooding who is playing Yeboah. Now, this is one character that I do believe we have met before and I’m hoping I’m correct. The description lists her as being in her early 20s, very bright and gifted, especially with linguistics. Yeboah is also fresh out of the Academy- in a recent tweet, Rebecca Romjin called her ‘cadet’. Could this be a younger version of Nyota Uhura, straight out of the academy on her first training assignment? I do hope so!


Funko Pop have, on occasion, released the odd Trek Funko or two. Most recently they released Michael Burnham and Saru from Discovery. Past releases include characters from the Kelvin-verse movies, Picard, Riker and Data from TNG and Kirk, Scotty, Spock, Mirror Spock and a Klingon from TOS.

Last week they announced a new batch of pops that are coming soon with more Trek ones planned for the future!

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