Updated MCU release dates

Thanks to the current pandemic and various lockdowns around the world, many MCU shows and films have been affected. Luckily, Disney have now released dates for a few of their upcoming projects. These are subject to change of course, depending on what happens with the darn virus.

First up is the Disney+ show, Loki. This is now due to premiere on June 11th.

Next is the one I have been waiting for, Black Widow. This will release simultaneously on the big screen and on Disney+ Premier Access on July 9th!

September 3rd is the new date for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Eternals is now pushed back to November 5th.

It is rumoured that Shang-Chi and Eternals will also release simultaneously in theatres and on Disney+ Premier Access the same as Black Widow.

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