Star Wars Audiobook Scripts

Del Rey UK recently released scripts to two of its most successful audiobook productions.

The first, Dooku: Jedi Lost is the paperback version of the previously released script in which we learn why Count Dooku left the Jedi Order.

The second audiobook script to be released is ‘Doctor Aphra’ in which we find Chelli Aphra in a spot of trouble and in need of help from an unexpected person.

I’m about half-way through each and am reading along with the audiobook. Releasing the audiobook scripts was a genius move on the part of the publishers and reading along with the audiobook enhances the enjoyment of both.

I think that releasing these scripts may lead to fans, especially cosplayers, having fun attempting to recreate the story. Now those are videos I would love to watch on YouTube!

Thanks again to Del Rey UK for review copies of the books. Both titles are available now from any good book retailer!

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