What a week for Trek news!

After a crappy week personally, the official Star Trek website celebrated First Contact Day on April 5th with a series of panels and announcements which really helped lift my mood. If you missed any, you can still watch them here.

I want to focus on a few of the things announced with my addle-brained thoughts to go along with them.

Discovery Season 4

At the end of the Women Of Trek panel, Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) treated us to a short teaser of the upcoming Season 4 which is scheduled for late 2021.

The brief teaser told us that some kind of gravity anomaly is threatening the galaxy. We see a number of species coming together to form an alliance (New Federation maybe?) to help combat the threat. Saru appears briefly in what I believe may be some kind of diplomatic role as he isn’t in a Starfleet uniform.

Talking of uniform, a big reveal was a change in uniform. At the end of Season 3 we saw the crew of the Discovery adopt the grey uniforms of their present day Starfleet. In the Season 4 teaser, we see that the uniform has had a update. The uniform design/cut appears the same, but the grey has gone (at least on a Starship) and has been replaced with the same division colours used in TNG with the exception of medical which stays white. The new uniforms have a black band running from the right shoulder down to the bottom. To me, it looks to be a homage to not only TNG, but also to the Monster Maroons from the TOS movies.

It also appears that Sylvia Tilly has been promoted to Lieutenant (Jg).

I’ve heard some people complain that it seems to be another “galaxy is under threat” plotline again. I have no issue with this. The show, unlike TOS/TNG etc is not episodic with a “threat of the week” type story. Its more epic than that and that needs an epic story arc. Season 1 was the Klingon War. Season 2 was the Red Angel/Control storyline. The Season 3 threat turned out to be something no one had predicted. The burn being caused by a young child who watched his mother die. The real threat, The Emerald Chain, were nothing more than a bunch of galactic monsters. Season 4 may be more epic than that. We will have to wait and see!

Picard Season 2

At the end of the Star Trek: Picard panel, Sir Patrick Stewart presented a teaser for Season 2 which is due to air in 2022. This teaser was much more cryptic than the Discovery teaser with lots of Easter Eggs from TNG, DS9 and Voyager I believe.

Some of these Easter Eggs probably give clues to the Season 2 plot whilst others I’m sure are red-herrings. Many people are speculating that the broken Bajoran tablet looks like the same one smashed by Captain Sisko on DS9 and that maybe we will see The Emissary once again. I’m not in agreement there- I think if there is a link to Bajor it will be with someone Picard knows and that is Ro Laren. However, the teaser lingered for a long time over two main things. A book of Paradise Lost by John Milton which, in the form of an epic poem, tells of the fall of man from grace. The other item lingered on is the model of the USS Stargazer, Picard’s old ship. My theory is that the story has something to do with the Crusher family. Maybe we will find out why Beverly wasn’t the doctor that JL called upon in Season 1.

One thing I am excited about is that Guinan is back- and so is Q who tells us in a voiceover that “The Trial Never Ends”.

Lower Decks Season 2

Coming in August 2021, Season 2 of Lower Decks looks to have the same crazy, but hilarious storylines as Season1.

Old bad guys from the past appear as well as mention of past canon events and characters. One thing we do know is that the USS Titan under the command of Captain William T Riker is back….with more jazz related humour!


Not much was released about Prodigy other than the image of an animated Captain Janeway. The show is set in the Delta Quadrant and the band of malcontents come across an abandoned Starfleet vessel and Janeway is the Emergency Command Training Hologram.

New Movie

Finally, on Friday past, Paramount announced a new Star Trek movie. This has happened before and no movie appeared. However, this is the first time that we have had a release date for the cinema and that is June 9th 2023. No other information has been released- personally I’m hoping for a Big-Screen Lower Decks movie!

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