Fansets Pin Update!

It's been a while since I've been able to buy some Fansets pins for a number of reasons but I really wanted to highlight my most recent order. Those of you that use Twitter will know that there are a number of character hashtag emojis for all of the various Star Trek Shows. As you... Continue Reading →

Trading Card Update!

My latest batch of Star Trek Trading Cards have arrived from a number of sources the past few days. First up, and my favourite so far is an autograph card of Commander Nhan played by Rachael Ancherill in the Discovery Season 2 set. After checking the Rittenhouse Website, it turns out that there are 10... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Picard & SNW Updates

This week has seen has seen a number of photos released by eagle-eyed fans who spotted Star Trek: Picard filming in downtown LA. A number of cast members have been seen including Sir Patrick Stewart himself, along with Orla Brady (Laris), Jeri Ryan (7of9), Michelle Hurd (Raffi Musiker), Alex Diehl (F8 Synth) and of course... Continue Reading →

Recent MCU Updates

I am very excited about all of the recent updates coming out of Disney regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First up, is Emilia Clarke. It was announced that Emilia, one of my favourite actors, will be joining the MCU as part of the cast of the upcoming Disney+ series, 'Secret Invasion'. Her... Continue Reading →

May the 4th Be With You 2021!

I can't believe that its May 4th already and here we are celebrating another year of Star Wars and boy what a year its been! We had Season 2 of The Mandalorian with a huge cameo at the end, lots of announcements about future projects including shows based on Obi-Wan Kenobi, once again played by... Continue Reading →

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