Star Trek Picard & SNW Updates

This week has seen has seen a number of photos released by eagle-eyed fans who spotted Star Trek: Picard filming in downtown LA.

A number of cast members have been seen including Sir Patrick Stewart himself, along with Orla Brady (Laris), Jeri Ryan (7of9), Michelle Hurd (Raffi Musiker), Alex Diehl (F8 Synth) and of course Dinero, the doggie-actor who portrays Number One.

There are lots of theories floating around, some of which are just bizarre but the one I do agree with is that somehow, time travel is involved. In a couple of photos Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan are on a Metro bus in what looks like clothing of our current period. We know Q is involved so anything is possible!

Earlier this week Anson Mount told fans that shooting on ‘Strange New Worlds’ had gotten off to a very good start, whilst Akiva Goldsman has stated that there will be a number of subtle differences in the look of the Enterprise and the uniforms which keeps inline with canon as the Enterprise had undergone a refit at some point whilst Pike was still in command.

Director Maja Vrvilo, who is on board for a number of episodes tweeted a couple of photos of the trunk of her car which may have given us a sneak peak at the SNW artwork.

I’ve had a go at recreating that artwork below. Only time will tell!

Not much news from the Discovery camp other than production has had to halt for a while due to someone on set testing positive for Covid. I do hope everyone is safe.

Needless to say I cannot wait for these shows to air. First up will be Season 2 of Lower Decks and if Season One is anything to go by it’s gonna be great!!

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