New Star Trek: Discovery Tri-Combadge

If you know me, you know I’m a huge pin collector and have been for may years. I’m a huge fan of the US pin company Fansets as they produce amazing Star Trek pins. Their ever-growing collection of Deltas and Combadges is very impressive. I’ve had to cut back on my orders of late due to a change in income but will get back to that and post reviews on here.

So what is this post about you may ask? Well, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace and saw that someone was selling an officially licensed Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Tri-Combadge, the new piece of tech that combines a communicator, transporter, Holo-PADD/Computer Interface in one. I did some searching and found that these items were “Forbidden Planet Originals” so I went ahead and bought one. Boy was I disappointed.

The size and general finish of the pin is fine but the colouring is all wrong. According to a video I watched of Trek Propmasters the background of the badge should be ‘brushed silver’. The Delta and any rank pips should be gold (and black for some rank pins), whilst the bottom section should be mirrored silver (gold for flag ranks).

This is what a screen one looks like.

Admiral Vance with his ‘Flag Rank’ combadge consisting of gold mirrored section instead of silver.

This is what was advertised on the Forbidden Planet website.

Looks promising, yes?

This is what I received.

Now call me picky and I know I’m colour-blind but the background is most definitely not brushed silver, its more of a gunmetal grey and the bottom is not mirrored. The delta is the only correct part.

C’mon FP, you consider yourself the Number 1 place to go for geek items and this is what you produce. You should be able to get it more screen accurate than this?! I HATE giving bad reviews but this isn’t great.

I’ll stick to Fansets for sure and await the arrival of their Discovery Tri-Combadge- it’s bound to be far superior!

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