Expedition: Back To The Future!

If you aren’t familiar with Josh Gates and his show, Expedition Unknown then you are missing out. Josh is an Archaeologist, Adventurer and Explorer.

His show focuses on his attempts to locate lost civilisations and treasures, solve ancient riddles and more. Each episode begins with Josh explaining what he will be hunting for in the episode before he sets off on his adventure. Whilst there is a serious side to each episode, it has a fun, light-hearted tone and Josh, a self-confessed nerd, makes sure to get as many pop-culture references as he can into an episode. Many of these will only be picked up on by other hard-core nerds.

If you enjoy shows about ancient cultures, exploration and nerd culture then give the show a go. You can find it on The Discovery Channel in the UK.

Recently, Josh filmed a 4-part special titled Expedition: Back To The Future which details his mission given to him by “Doc Brown” to find the DeLorean in the photo on a newspaper that will be used to raise money for The Michael J Fox Foundation, a charity set up to raise money for Parkinson’s research.

Josh recruits Christopher Lloyd, the actor who played Doc Brown, to help him on his quest to find the car. What follows is a fascinating look into the history of one of the worlds biggest movie franchises and the DeLorean itself.

Their journey takes them across the US and back again on the hunt for the one car. Along the way they encounter a variety of characters who look amazingly like actors from the films- these cameos include James Tolkan (Mr Strickland), Harry Waters Jr (Marvin Berry), Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson) and more.

Appearing as themselves are Bob Gale (writer) and Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines-McFly) who Josh is smitten with.

Christopher Lloyd does an amazing job of playing a hybrid of himself and Doc Brown and hilarity ensues.

If you are a fan of Back To The Future then this programme is well worth a watch. Seeing everything through Josh’s eyes is very nostalgic. I really hope that he does other specials of a pop-culture/nerd point of view!

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