Ten years of Death in Paradise!

For a show that the critics believed wouldn't make it past one series, BBC hit show Death in Paradise is celebrating its tenth series. Would I consider myself a superfan? Probably. I even tried to work out how many free drinks Catherine had given away over the years but lost count. It's got me through... Continue Reading →

Depression….it’s an empty place!

Firstly let me apologise in advance for this long post. I don't intend for this to be a sad post or one that requires sympathy. I've suffered with mental health issues for most of my life, and like many people, suffered in silence. Over the years I've developed lots of coping mechanisms which meant that... Continue Reading →

Death in Paradise Series 8 DVD

DiP fans, Series 8 is now available on DVD. You can get it for around £8 in places. This 3-disc set comes with 6 exclusive postcards. I'm planning (hoping) to somehow get mine signed by the cast. Some really great images too of all the main cast. Jack, Florence, Selwyn and Catherine all get their... Continue Reading →

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