LFCC 2010

A rather large guest list this year. I had a long list of people to meet. It would be the second meeting for me of both William Shatner and Katee Sackhoff. Both were much nicer second time around. Also on my list were the cast from Being Human, William B Davis from The X Files,... Continue Reading →

LFCC ’09

Showmasters events just get better every time! LFCC '09 was to be an amazing event. I had a long list of people to meet so I decided to get a gold pass. It would also be the first event for my new nephew who was only 2 months old, but he had his big sister... Continue Reading →

Collectormania 15

One of the best CMs for a long time. There were many great guests to choose from, but financially I could not meet all the ones I would like to so I had to choose carefully.... First came Avery Brooks, from Star Trek:DS9. Such a lovely dude even though he seemed a bit spaced out.... Continue Reading →

LFCC ’08

The year of chaos! Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: TNG fame was scheduled last minute to put in a short appearance. Could I get near him? Hell no. Every Trekkie in the UK was there it seemed!! I would get my chance a few years later. Instead, I met Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor, his... Continue Reading →

Collectormania 10

After finishing Summer Camp in the summer of 2006 I decided (after much nagging from various people) to watch LOST. I was hooked (I even loved the finale a few years later!) Luckily enough CM10 was just around the corner and they had a couple of LOST guests in attendance. First was Maggie Grace who... Continue Reading →


Not many guests that I wanted to meet this time around. John Barrowman from Dr Who was just starting a new show called Torchwood. He was friendly but quiet and very tight-lipped about the project. I then met Gates McFadden of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was very disappointed. She was not busy and... Continue Reading →


LFCC 3 was in a new venue. No longer did it mean trekking up to Wembley. The new venue was Earls Court. Practically on my doorstep...bonus! It would be a short visit for me, the following year things would pick up pace. I briefly met up with a couple of the cast of 24....Xander Berkley... Continue Reading →

Collectormania 7

Hot on the heels of LFCC 2 I saw an ad for Collectormania 7. Same company, bigger guest list. It took place in the concrete jungle that is Milton Keynes. There was no way I could see all the guests so I had to pick and choose. There were a couple of Trek guests, but... Continue Reading →

The Stamp Centre Signing

Doctor Who had recently returned to the screens. The Stamp Centre on The Strand held a signing event with two Who guests. Both lovely (one ever so slightly loony). The first (and loony one) was John Levene, who played Sgt. Benton of UNIT in the classic Dr Who. Absolute nutter! Second was Eve Myles, a... Continue Reading →


Shortly after mum died I started reading geeky mags again. In one I saw an advert for a company called Showmasters and an event called London Film and Comic Con. Well, that immediately caught my eye, and as it was in Wembley I thought I'd give it a go. I've not looked back since... The... Continue Reading →

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