Joaquin Phoenix & Brie Larson

At this year's Oscars ceremony the Academy awarded the Best Actor statue to Joaquin Phoenix for his performance in Joker. During his acceptance speech Joaquin talked about a variety of topics but most of his talk was aimed at Hollywood and The Academy. He talked about diversity and the need for women, people of colour,... Continue Reading →

Time for an Oscars rethink?

I'm a big fan of both the Oscars and BAFTAs. I've watched them every year since I was young. When I was a kid it was mostly the highlights shown on TV but since the onset of satellite TV its been possible to watch the full event, starting with the red carpet arrivals which is... Continue Reading →

‘Scenes in the Square’

'Scenes in the Square' is a new art installation that will take place in London's Leicester Square from February 27th. As you will know, Leicester Square is considered the British home of cinema and has been the home of a statue of Charlie Chaplin for many years. Each of the eight statues will represent a... Continue Reading →

Ghostbusters Afterlife!

A follow-up to 1984's Ghostbusters and 1989's Ghostbusters II has been in the works since 1989. Around 2011, the original team behind the original, began working on ideas for a second sequel. With the untimely death of Harold Ramis in 2014, everything was put on hold. 2016 saw a reboot, directed by Paul Feig and... Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Angels 2019

Firstly let me state that yes, I'm a man and I know this film wasn't really aimed at me. I totally understand why this film needed to be made, not that it needs validation from me as a man but that's the point- it's been a male-dominated world for too long and a change is... Continue Reading →

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