London Film Fair

This will be a short post, just to say that the Film Fair, under its new management, seemed to run a lot smoother and was very enjoyable with a good range of dealers and guests. The entry prices, both standard and early bird, have decreased and they got rid of those awful screens that block... Continue Reading →

London Film Convention

These events have been taking place for 45 years now. Located in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, it used to be a place where collectors and dealers of all kinds of film and TV memorabilia would gather to sell, exchange and browse a variety of merchandise. I first began attending in 1989 and made... Continue Reading →

London Film Convention

I used to go to these events regularly and help my mate Mark and his dad out with their stall. I haven't been since they started adding guests to the event. Needless to say when I say a couple of Monty Python guests (Terry Jones and Carol Cleveland) I had to go. I also met... Continue Reading →

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