Autograph Update!

I've recently realised I have not uploaded any autographs for a while so here are a few. Stargate (SG-1/Atlantis) The X-Files LOST Game of Thrones (Many more on my GoT canvas which can be seen here)

London Film & Comic Con 2016

LFCC has not been great the past few years (see previous posts) and I was wary about attending but nevertheless volunteered to help on the USS Iceni stand to raise money for charity. It seems Showmasters have finally listened! The layout this year was so much better than in previous years. They had actually hired... Continue Reading →


A new show had hit the air! Heroes! Showmasters pulled a coup and managed to get a number of top cast members. Also present were some cast members from LOST as well as Patrick Stewart. It was to be the first of many stupidly busy events! I didn't get the chance to meet Sir Pat... Continue Reading →

Collectormania 10

After finishing Summer Camp in the summer of 2006 I decided (after much nagging from various people) to watch LOST. I was hooked (I even loved the finale a few years later!) Luckily enough CM10 was just around the corner and they had a couple of LOST guests in attendance. First was Maggie Grace who... Continue Reading →

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