The Black Widow Movie

I've held off writing this for a while for a number of reasons. First of all I wanted to watch the film a number of times (I'm on 10) before I put anything down. Secondly because like a number of other well-known fandoms, the Marvel/MCU fandom can be very toxic at times. The last time... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Picard~ UK Premiere

WARNING: - There are NO spoilers or any plot details below! The UK premiere of Star Trek: Picard took place on Wednesday 15th January at the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square. I decided to try to go along and watch the red white carpet. I had a couple of friends for support so I wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Skywalker Opening Night

The European Premiere of Star Wars Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker took place at the  Cineworld Leicester Square (Formerly The Empire). It was possible to get a wristband to gain access to the fan area of the Blue Carpet but it would have meant getting there for about 5am. With my current condition that... Continue Reading →

Star Trek (JJA) Premiere

Star Trek was getting a new, big-screen outing, thanks to LOST creator JJ Abrams. It was apparently a reboot of the original series, with new actors playing the original characters. The premiere took place on a bright, sunny day in London. Most of the main cast were present and it was very busy. I Managed... Continue Reading →

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