Fansets Pin Update!

It's been a while since I've been able to buy some Fansets pins for a number of reasons but I really wanted to highlight my most recent order. Those of you that use Twitter will know that there are a number of character hashtag emojis for all of the various Star Trek Shows. As you... Continue Reading →

Trading Card Update!

My latest batch of Star Trek Trading Cards have arrived from a number of sources the past few days. First up, and my favourite so far is an autograph card of Commander Nhan played by Rachael Ancherill in the Discovery Season 2 set. After checking the Rittenhouse Website, it turns out that there are 10... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Picard & SNW Updates

This week has seen has seen a number of photos released by eagle-eyed fans who spotted Star Trek: Picard filming in downtown LA. A number of cast members have been seen including Sir Patrick Stewart himself, along with Orla Brady (Laris), Jeri Ryan (7of9), Michelle Hurd (Raffi Musiker), Alex Diehl (F8 Synth) and of course... Continue Reading →

What a week for Trek news!

After a crappy week personally, the official Star Trek website celebrated First Contact Day on April 5th with a series of panels and announcements which really helped lift my mood. If you missed any, you can still watch them here. I want to focus on a few of the things announced with my addle-brained thoughts... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Audiobook Scripts

Del Rey UK recently released scripts to two of its most successful audiobook productions. The first, Dooku: Jedi Lost is the paperback version of the previously released script in which we learn why Count Dooku left the Jedi Order. The second audiobook script to be released is 'Doctor Aphra' in which we find Chelli Aphra... Continue Reading →

Recent Star Trek News

You may have read recently that Paramount have announced 5 new cast members to the upcoming Strange New Worlds series starring Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romjin. Ever since the announcement was made I've been thinking about possible roles for each new member. Babs Olusanmokun, Christina Chong, Jess Bush, Melissa Navia, and Celia Rose... Continue Reading →

Beautiful New Artwork

Over the past few months we have had plenty of discussions on Trek Twitter about who we would like to see appear on Star Trek. Being a huge fan, my one and only choice is Emilia Clarke. I honestly wouldn't mind what Trek show she appeared on but my preference would be Star Trek Discovery.... Continue Reading →

Women of Trek In-House Con Panel

Those folks over at Coolwater Productions have more online con panels arranged for the first few months of the year. One of the first Trek ones for the year took place last week. The 'Women of Trek' panel was once again hosted by Derek Maki and his guests were Janet Kidder who played bad-ass Orion... Continue Reading →

2 New Autograph cards!

Two new cards from the Star Trek Discovery trading cards sets have arrived. Both cards are from Season 2 of Discovery. First we have Oyin Oladejo's autograph card. Oyin plays Joann Owosekun. The card is Full-Bleed and is listed as VERY LIMITED. The second card to arrive is of Young Michael Burnham as played by... Continue Reading →

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