Death in Paradise Series 8 DVD

DiP fans, Series 8 is now available on DVD. You can get it for around £8 in places. This 3-disc set comes with 6 exclusive postcards. I'm planning (hoping) to somehow get mine signed by the cast. Some really great images too of all the main cast. Jack, Florence, Selwyn and Catherine all get their... Continue Reading →

Death In Paradise

Along with Rizzoli & Isles, Death In Paradise is one of my favourite crime shows. Its 9th series is currently airing on BBC. It's not your usual crime drama. It's very light-hearted and many people have accused it of being too formulaic. In a way it is but that is part of its charm. It... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who- Back on form!

Doctor Who is back and in my opinion back on form. I found Jodie Whittaker's first series very had to watch. Not in any way because of Jodie and the rest of the cast, they are awesome and have lots of potential. It was the writing. I found it very preachy at times and they... Continue Reading →

Star Wars TV Show Idea

There I was, sitting watching Star Wars and thinking about the variety of films, animated shows, Disney+ content that we have, plus all of the other projects that are upcoming when I had an idea. One of my favourite character has always been Leia. Since 1977 when I first saw the film and had her... Continue Reading →

Paging Dr Smith….

I'm not sure of the exact date, it was the mid-90s for sure- part of me says 1995 but I won't swear to it. Fox Home Video were releasing the first volume of the 60s TV show Lost in Space. Their idea was to try and compete with the VHS release of Star Trek that... Continue Reading →

Short Treks

Once again the creators of Star Trek Discovery are filling the gaps between seasons with a series of 15-minute Short Treks. Two have been released so far and whilst they have their own stand alone stories, they both add quite nicely to Star Trek canon, if you are willing to accept it! Spoilers warned!... Continue Reading →

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is a new 8-part show which premiered on Amazon Prime in August 2018. It acts as a prequel to the books and films already set in what is known in 'The Ryanverse' and ignores the events of the last two Jack Ryan movies- The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck... Continue Reading →

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