Rising Star 8

Rising Star 8 would be the last convention I would attend in Southwest Virginia. Again there were plenty of return guests plus lots of new ones including Frank Gorshin (Batman, Star Trek), Julie Caitlin Brown (Babylon 5, Star Trek), Herbert Jefferson, Jr. (Battlestar Galactica), and Anne Lockhart (Battlestar Galactica). I'm missing lots of pictures from this... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 7

September 1998 meant Rising Star 7. Lots of repeat guests, Deanna Lund, Don Marshall and Richard Biggs again. This time joined by Erin Grey and Gil Gerard of Buck Rogers fame and France Nuyen from Star Trek. Gil Gerard. Buck Rogers. How to describe him? He really is Buck Rogers! All American hero with a... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 6

There were a few more guests than in previous years at Rising Star 6 in 1997. Rick Biggs had brought along a guest star from the current series of B5, Marjorie Monaghan who played the terrorist, Number One. She was lovely but look a bit scared most of the time. I got to cover the... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 5

1996 brought Rising Star 5. Again, Deanna Lund was there and Rick Biggs made a welcome return. We were also lucky enough to have 2 Star Trek guests. The first was Don Marshall. Don played Lt. Boma in the classic episode (and one of my favourites) The Galileo 7. We were asked to help drive... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 4

It was 1995 and we headed off to Rising Star 4. This time there would be 3 Star Trek guests....Spice Williams, who I met at Rising Star 1, and two new ones. 1 of whom it would turn out was lovely, whilst the other not so nice! Patti was known at the time for being... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 3

1994 was a quiet year for Star Trek guests at Rising Star 3. In fact, there were none! However, I did get the chance to meet and socialise with Richard Biggs, who played Dr Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, another favourite of mine. Rick was a great guy, and 'Aunt Shirley' the head of his... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 2

It was September 1993 and I, along with Mark and Robin, was heading back to Southwest Virginia to Rising Star 2. There were a number of repeat guests, including Deanna Lund and a number of sci-fi authors, but the big draw for me this year was Felecia Bell and Pat Tallman. These two ladies had... Continue Reading →

Rising Star 1

Rising Star 1 took place in Glenvar High School in 1992. It was a successor to the RoVaCon events that had ended the previous year. It had a number of guests from different TV shows including Deanna Lund (from Land of the Giants) and Spice Williams who had played the Klingon Vixis, in Star Trek... Continue Reading →

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